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Whimsey is a Fairhaven, Bellingham jewelry store and art gallery featuring designer jewelry, bridal sets and fine art. Visit online or in-store for exquisite jewelry, art and gifts. 


About Our Gallery

The Whimsey gallery has been working in and with the Fairhaven community for over 15 years.  We strive to offer a unique collection of handpicked works from a constantly evolving group of artisans. With over 20 designers Whimsey proudly features the works of many local and regional artists.


We are a venue for the up and coming as well as the established designer.


Although the Whimsey Buyers attend shows, our personal travels have also provided a variety of unique regional and international artists. We have featured artists from Paris, Brazil, Canada and Venezuela. We are very pleased to offer the only US location where some of their pieces may be purchased!

The best way to experience Whimsey is to stop in our Fairhaven gallery the next time life finds you in Bellingham. Until then, we hope you enjoy your shopping experience at our online store.


Meet Cami

As a child Cami always enjoyed pawing through her grandmothers dresser (yes - dresser) of jewelry. Drenched in rings, bracelets, necklaces and giant clip-on earrings she actually "felt" sparkly and inspired!

Now years later, she once again surrounds herself with sparkly gems and the inspiration of many artists.

Each day at Whimsey is a blessing for Cami as she not only loves her environment, but the people she invites into it. Whether customers or artists (or both!), each person reminds Cami how lucky she truly is. Whimsey is the perfect extension of Cami’s love of art and all things sparkly.


Meet the team

Althea joined the Whimsey family in 2007 and instantly felt right at home.  While both the store and her life have changed over the years, what hasn't changed is how much she loves helping customers find just the right piece of jewelry, creating fun displays in the cases, and, of course, playing with sparkly things! Most of her other free time, when not at her "normal job," is spent outside: in the mountains and on the trails, like a true Bellinghamster. 

Steve has been here from the beginning, supporting Cami and Ruby with sales and "doggie-breaks". Steve is truly a perfectionist whether straightening necklaces or stamping our postcards... if Steve was here recently you'll know it! Steve enjoys traveling, researching and running - lots of running. When not in the store or at his "real" job, Steve can be found on the track or pounding the pavement (at a very fast pace) throughout Bellingham.

Ruby is quite possibly the spunkiest member of the Whimsey Team. Ruby showed up at our door without a resume or many credentials (since she was just a baby), but her energy and perseverance has made her an indispensable part of the gallery. Ruby is our official greeter and spends her days working hard to be the good girl we know she is. In her spare time, Ruby loves running through the woods, taking long walks, chasing birds, chewing sticks and licking slugs.

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Whimsey, 1001 Harris Ave, Bellingham, WA 98225
Phone: (360) 733-5568 | Email: info@shopwhimsey.com

Open Daily 11am - 5pm